Evolution of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has grown in line with the attempts to define what they are and the purpose they serve. While learning about EMR, it is common to be confused with all terms used to name them, such as:

  • Digital Medical Records
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Electronic Clinical Record
  • Electronic File of Patient
  • Health Record
  • Computerized Medical Record
  • Medical Records stored on computer, all these among others ...
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Unfortunately all these definitions are only conceptual and little is based on its technological, scientific, medical or operational features. These definitions are of little help in the design of systems or even for the comparison of the offer in computer software that claim to be the best solution in this regard.

Mainly these systems must attend to the medical staff to access to the patients' information quickly and efficiently. Likewise, it must support decision-making through specific alerts taking into account the particular characteristics of the individual and his/her medical condition. In the background, it should facilitate the administration of the practice, supporting the operational and financial work that is carried out; this will facilitate the work of medical personnel as well as the administrative that will be in a better position to provide a quality service.

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